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How the Dublin Good Service Guide got Started

Like most ideas, the Dublin Good Service Guide started off with several conversations I’ve had with friends and business associates about the difficulty in hiring quality, reliable and trustworthy service people in Dublin.  Finding quality service providers from printed directories, local newspapers or based on anonymous reviews from the internet was proving to be a lottery.

Finding a solution to this problem was not easy. Who do you turn to when you want that leaking tap, blown fuse board or broken computer fixed reliably, within budget and from somebody you can really trust?

Then one day a friend happened to mention how he had compiled a little black book of all good service providers he had used over the years. If he had used them and was happy with their service, they got in his book. If he heard of excellent service provided to somebody else, that service provider got in his book. This idea was screaming out for an online presence.

Compiling the Dublin Good Service Guide was a fun and interesting, albeit a time consuming experience.  We would like to thank everybody who made suggestions of service providers whom they had used over the years. This guide could not have made  without your help. Also, a big thank you to all those who made and continue to make suggestions. Lastly, we would like to thank the service providers themselves who took time out of their busy schedules to complete an interview and impart some of their knowledge and experience with us. 

Your Feedback is Important to Us

No one gets into the Dublin Good Service Guide unless we have prior recommendation or adequate references. If you have recommendations for new businesses or comments on existing ones – good or bad – we want to hear from you. Any repeated negative feedback we get about service providers where there is poor service, malpractice or bad workmanship will result in removal of their listing.

Enjoy This Site

Enjoy reading the interviews. Hopefully you will pick up some tips and hopefully we have made the task of picking a good tradesperson or professional service provider in the Dublin area easier for you.

Is mise, le meas,

Roibeard O’Scannlain
Dublin Good Service Guide